About Retreats.World

The day that might change your life begins each morning.

To live healthier or more consciously, to open up or let go, to turn yourself into a better person has a different meaning to everyone.

Each person who visits Retreat.World has something in common: you are looking for a vacation - an experience that is tailor-made for your own needs and from which you can take home valuable insights. A memory that lasts a long time; a feeling that enriches, improves, or can even fundamentally change your life in a positive way.

Many people are becoming aware of the value of physical and mental health. In tourism the latest trends created vacations for "body, mind and soul". The industry has adapted with a variety of new yoga retreats in any style, cooking classes for healthy eating, "ayurvedic treatments" or mind coaching-retreats. This new variety in vacation activities can seem overwhelming and frustrating, making it difficult finding a retreat tailored for your own needs.

To address this challenge, Retreats.World has been created to provide a directory of retreat providers and retreats to give everyone an overview and access to the ‘perfect’ retreat. As one of the world largest networks of different retreat providers and activities, it is now easy and hassle-free to find & book the right experience.

The driving force behind Retreats.World is the realization that with every personal improvement, personal happiness, or new positive thought, the world as a whole gets a little better. And this is our contribution. We want every woman, man or group to find the holiday that will have a lasting positive impact on their lives.

Therefore, enjoy browsing this site!

Allow us to make a last comment: The yoga enthusiast will find just as much on our site as someone who has never ventures into self-discovery. Either way, it's up to you. Consider talking, painting, surfing, cooking, sitting quietly or meditating. Just try it for yourself - with the Retreat-Finder you can easily reach your retreat in just a few clicks.

May joy fill your day. Your Retreats.World Team.

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